Durham, N.C. — The crash that killed two people and injured others on Interstate 85 near East Club Boulevard in Durham Monday morning serves as a sign of a bigger problem.

In the last 16 years, there have been more than 500 wrong way crashes on North Carolina’s freeways and interstates.Those accidents killed 145 people and injured 643 more — numbers that spurred the DOT into action.

The Department of Transportation is currently involved in a number of studies, at the state level and internationally.

In North Carolina, the DOT said there aren’t that many wrong-way crashes. But it’s a big concern because the ones they do have are so often deadly.

Robbin Williams’ cousin, 49-year-old Aretha Chavis, got on I-85 in Durham Monday morning, going the wrong way. A cross marks the spot where two people lost their lives.

“As soon as we laid the cross, we just all broke down crying,” Williams said. “Just to see the debris and stuff still on the road. It was so hard, especially with her kids there and her grandkids.”

Police said she hit an SUV with nine people in it. Both Chavis, and the other driver 29-year-old Jerry Alamo of Rhode Island died instantly.

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