Los Angeles, CA – Suge Knight was once again admitted to the hospital as he awaits trial for murder charges, TMZ reports.

The former Death Row Records exec is suffering from blood clots and is in stable condition at USC Medical Center.

Suge, 50, has been struggling with the condition for two years. In February 2015, he went to the hospital after experiencing chest pain and was found to be dealing with a “potentially fatal” blood clot. There was also scare of a potential brain tumor a few months later.

Knight’s legal team has claimed that its client’s rights are being violated as he sits in solitary confinement without visitation or phone access.

The mogul’s son, Suge Knight Jr., has taken it upon himself to fight for his father’s fair treatment.

“The courts took his voice and he can’t choose his own lawyer,” Knight Jr. told HipHopDX at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday bash. “He’s being mistreated in jail, neglected. They’re taking away his civil rights. I’m his son and just trying to speak for my father.”

Knight has been in jail since January 2015 and is facing murder charges for a hit-and-run

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