Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department issued a statement apologizing for wrongfully detaining Wyclef Jean, but the iconic rapper is not satisfied.

In video shared with TMZ, Jean claims that authorities are lying in their account of the incident where he was pulled over and handcuffed for appearing to match the description of an armed robbery suspect.

He says that the officers confronted him as soon as he left his car, leaving him no time to ask to get things from his trunk or reach for his waistband like their account says. He is adamant that he is not trying to bash the officers who were doing their job, but wants the officials to have their facts straight before portraying him as the threatening one.

“This bothers me because in the case of law and in the case of how many kids are prosecuted and how many people are killed,” he explains, “this bothers me because this is what you call tampering of information and not giving the truth.”

(This article was first published today [March 22, 2017] at 10:36 a.m. PST and is as follows.)

Wyclef Jean was wrongfully detained

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