With songs like, “I Feel For You,” “Angel” and “Through The Fire,” living legend Chaka Khan is undoubtedly one of the best voices of our time. Through her over 40 years of entertaining, Chaka went through a period that she was letting her health go. But, in the past three years Chaka Khan dropped over 75 pounds, was able to keep it off and now living her best life yet!

But if it wasn’t for a surprise diagnosis, the “I’m Every Woman” hit singer would have never made the commitment to change what she was doing or eating.

Khan credits a strict liquid diet, and then protein, well lack there of (hervegan diet), for her weight loss.

“I felt like I needed to heal my body, so I would just fast and eat no meat, no dairy. I’ve never been a fan of meat, dairy and sugar. And when I developed diabetes I said, ‘Oh OK, I’m not going to be here long. A change is coming,’” told Khan to lifestyle website Essence.com.

chaka khan fit weight lossOnce she identified that her diet and lifestyle habits needed to change, Khan took some drastic steps.

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