FRANKLIN COUNTY, North Carolina (WTVD) — Franklin County Schools, a normal attendee at the North Carolina Regional Educational Job Fair, will be marked absent this year.

“We wanted to host something where we can get the biggest bang for our bucks,” said Donnie Williams, Chief of Human Resources for Franklin County Schools.

Nearly a dozen other school districts, including Wake County, will participate in Saturday’s job fair. Williams said this Saturday, Franklin County schools will host its own job fair exclusively for more than 35 positions that need to be filled.

“It’s kind of like competition with other school districts across the state,” Williams explained. “And when you have so many of us crowding in, you tend to lose it to a measure or to the larger systems in the state.”

Franklin County Schools is offering more than the state base pay, with a seven percent annual supplement, a $1000 signing bonus for new teachers, another $1000 retention bonus for returning teachers, $750 in tuition reimbursement for advanced coursework, and free life, health, and dental insurance for employees.

“For a newbie coming directly out of college, you know, $40,000 is nothing to sneeze at,” Williams explained.

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