FRESNO, Calif. — A smile is the one thing Jamie Snider took with her wherever she went. The 30-year-old Bullard High grad flashed it to make friends, and used it to comfort them when they were down.

“This is a good one of her and her brother,” said her friend Larina Campanile as she spotted a photo of a smiling Snider. “Little goofballs. But that was her smile, all the time.”

Snider shared her smile with her two daughters, Aubrey and Maddy, even as she fought to stay healthy over the last few months. She’d already beaten cancer once, lost an ovary in the process, and gotten pregnant with twins to her surprise and joy, only to find out the cancer had come back. She had intensive treatment at the Stanford Medical Center through the pregnancy, including chemotherapy, and she beat the cancer again

So last week, bald and bursting at the belly, Snider flashed her signature smile on Facebook.

“‘Tomorrow will be a great day,'” Campanile read from the post. “‘God has been by my side the whole time. All your prayers and love have kept me going as well. Wish me luck. I’m having a C-section at 7 and then a radial hysterectomy right after.

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