SANFORD, North Carolina (WTVD) — Lee Christian School in Sanford says it has been forced to close for two days because so many students have come down with the flu.

There was a sign on the door of the facility on Keller Andrews Road Thursday morning telling parents and students the school would be closed Thursday and Friday.

Here’s the text parents received from Lee Christian School in regards to cancelling classes for flu. More details at noon

— Julie Wilson (@JulieABC11) March 23, 2017

After a slow start, flu season in North Carolina has really picked up recently.

Last week, North Carolina health officials said another 20 people have died from the flu this season bringing the total number of reported deaths from the flu this season to 110. New numbers are expected later Thursday.


Those who are especially at risk for flu-related complication include women who are pregnant, adults older than 65, children younger than 5, and those with certain medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease.

Doctors encourage people to take the following preventive steps from contracting the flu:

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