By Mark Binker and Laura Leslie

Raleigh, N.C. — House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters Thursday afternoon that he is continuing to talk with Senate counterparts about how to repeal and replace House Bill 2, the controversial measure dealing with LGBT rights and the use of bathrooms by transgender people.

Members of the House Republican caucus met behind closed doors for hours Wednesday night and Thursday morning but seemed no closer to agreement on what, if anything, they should do about the law. In particular, sports organizations like the NCAA and some big businesses have moved away from holding events in the state or expanding operations here due to outcry over House Bill 2.

Republicans are struggling to find a way to satisfy those business interests without abandoning what they see as protection for women and girls – and what members of the LGBT community see as discriminatory. In the latest on-again, off-again House Bill 2 revision effort, Moore had warned House members that they may have to work Friday, supposedly to accommodate work on a deal. But that prospect vanished by early afternoon Thursday, along with any thought a deal would be reached this week.

“There’s a bill that Sen.

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