By Mark Binker and Laura Leslie

Raleigh, N.C. — Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but rumors of a possible House Bill 2 repeal effort are swirling around the Legislative Building again.

They got stirred Wednesday afternoon as House Speaker Tim Moore warned members that Thursday could be a long day of lawmaking and that they may be in session on Friday. Shortly after that announcement, House Republicans repaired to a closed-door caucus meeting. Multiple members in that meeting confirmed they were discussing the latest House Bill 2 fix.

TheWrap@NCCapitol (March 22, 2017)Wednesday Wrap: No veto for youThursday happens to mark the law’s first anniversary, and although there have been numerous attempts to repeal the measure over the past year, none have taken hold. On Wednesday, Gov. Roy Cooper backed off demands that GOP lawmakers pass a “clean” repeal bill, saying he would accept a short, defined “cooling off” period on local nondiscrimination ordinances.

It’s unclear whether Wednesday’s hubbub will lead to any substantial action on House Bill 2, and Senate leaders say they’re not planning to be in town on Friday. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said Wednesday there was no pre-arranged deal between House and Senate leaders for a repeal effort.

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