CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (WTVD) — Sometimes, like typical siblings, these Fayetteville sisters bicker or play pranks on one another

“We would joke around the whole day and we wouldn’t even think about what we were mad about,” said Natalia Yarrell, 12.

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Older sister Nyasia Yarrell, 14, counters. “She’s a little gullible,” she said with a laugh. “I will say that now.”

It’s not always easy for Nyasia to laugh – she’s battling sickle cell anemia, a blood disease that puts her at a high risk for stroke. She said it feels like a hundred tiny needles poking around.

“I wanted to do a lot,” Nyasia said. “I also wanted to go ride horses but it’s kind of hard having sickle cell, not knowing when something is going to happen.”

Nikki Yarrell, the girls’ mother, said it’s hard because “we never know when that major stroke will happen.”

Nyasia was getting by with regular blood transfusions until her sister, Natalia, gave her new hope – volunteering to be her bone marrow donor — and finding out she is a 100 percent match.

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