As fans prepare to honor Carrie Fisher this weekend, they’re learning more about what to expect from her posthumous film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which comes out later this year.

The iconic actress had already completed filming her role as General Leia Organa in the upcoming film before she passed away. Iger revealed at an event at the University of Southern California on Thursday that there would be no changes because of her death.

“She appears throughout [Episode ] VIII, and what I can say about that is, she is in VIII, and we’re not changing VIII to deal with her passing,” he said. “Her performance, which we’re really pleased with, remains as it was in VIII.”

Fisher will be honored along with her mother, Debbie Reynolds, at a public memorial event on Saturday in Los Angeles. Both passed away in December 2016.

Though they have the technological ability to digitally recreate actors who have passed away, Iger said they would not be doing that for Carrie Fisher in The Last Jedi.

Iger said he’d already seen the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, mentioning that it was “quite good.”

“VIII is, I think, just as satisfying as VII was.

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