Raleigh, N.C. — A Davie County woman was able to share her concerns Friday with an investigator from the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding her neighbor’s energy-efficient windows.

Nancy Monda told WRAL’s 5 On Your Side that she fears for her safety every day after her neighbors’ Low E windows started several fires on her property.

The agency’s involvement is a change from last month when spokeswoman Patty Davis told WRAL the fires were a building code issue, not an issue for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Davis said the agency’s visit to Monda’s home was part of a “fact finding mission.”

“To say I was pleasantly surprised is a gross understatement,” said Monda. “I am thrilled someone is out here and taking this issue very serious issue – uh, seriously.”

The investigator took photos and measurements, and interviewed Monda at length about the intense sunbeam reflected from the neighbor’s window.

Monda said after her experience, fires that reignited at Patrick Henzelman’s home in Waxhaw, and hearing from fire chiefs across the state and country about other Low E window fires, she is on a mission.

“I just truly want to generate public awareness so that nobody else has to go through what I went through,” she said.

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