This story originally appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

While it’s not widely known, for the last several years, libraries across the globe have been hosting “Stuffed Animal Sleepovers” in the children’s section to encourage an early love of reading. And it’s even more adorable than it sounds.

Here’s how it works: Kids bring their favorite stuffed pal to the library (researchers say it’s best if they choose one they’re especially attached to). Then librarians usually lead the kids in a story time circle with their favorite toy. After that, it’s time for the kids to say goodbye and goodnight — but they leave their little buddy behind for the overnight library party.

Once the doors are shut, the library staff gets to work posing the stuffed animals living it up at the library all night long, and snapping photos as they go.

The cuteness that results is beyond …

Image source: Heliyon, Okazaki, et al

Stuffed bears are often posed while picking books from bookshelves, and reading to each other.

Image source: Heliyon, Okazaki, et al

Then they all gather in groups, just sitting there reading.

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