MANHATTAN, New York — A Manhattan woman learned a valuable lesson about being careful with her wedding ring.

She threw it away by mistake, but thanks to the New York City Sanitation Department, she got it back.

“I kind of felt really helpless,” said Shannon Lombardo.

A symbol of the pledge they made for eternity literally went out with the trash when Shannon accidentally threw her wedding ring and band away.

“I had just cleaned them and I had them in a paper towel,” Shannon said. “I think I got distracted with the kids, it’s hard to figure out, and I think I just crumpled it up, and I didn’t feel the weight of them and I threw them out.”

Desperate to find her custom vintage diamond rings, she called 311 who coordinated with NYC Sanitation recover the priceless jewelry.

“It wasn’t so much about the money of the ring, it was what it represented,” she said.

Shannon sifted through her building’s trash first, but came up empty.

So, she and her husband, Jim, met sanitation workers at a Fairview, New Jersey, facility where trash is shipped before it’s transported to landfills.

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