In her late twenties, Gwen Jimmere, CEO & Founder of Naturalicious, has become the first African American woman in history to own a U.S. patent on a product made with all-natural ingredients. News of this groundbreaking moment in history has been highlighted across the country in media such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, Fast Company, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show to name a few.

Jimmere received a patent for her Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment – the first hair care product that allows you to wash, condition, deep condition, leave-in condition and detangle all at once, thereby saving you significant time–nearly 80%–and money without sacrificing healthy and safe ingredients. With over one hundred 5-star reviews across the web, the product is exceptionally popular amongst the natural hair community. This innovative hair product can be purchased separately or as part of her #1 selling OooLaLocks Hair Box – the first and only hair care system that does the work of 13 products in only 4 steps.

Customers report that their wash day time has gone from three hours to as quick as 40 minutes after using the Naturalicious system! The revolutionary product’s smart marketing and efficient customer service have fueled Naturalicious’ increasing popularity.

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