CARY, North Carolina (WTVD) — It may not happen that often, and it may not cost that much to clean up. It is, however, the kind of the thing you can’t take back if you see it – especially for children.

Joggers and walkers on Monday told ABC11 they found a large display of vulgar anti-President Trump rhetoric splashed across on a tunnel along the greenway system in Cary. The graffiti, full of obscenities and threats, was drawn on both sides of the tunnel under Highway 55 near West Park.

“It is a kind of pollution, yes,” neighbor Sony Critser told ABC11. “If your child can read, it’s just extremely offensive using the F word. What they said was just disgusting.”

This picture, btw, is the only one OK to post. Other graffiti too vulgar. Send greenway graffiti pics to

— Jonah Kaplan (@KaplanABC11) March 27, 2017

Town of Cary officials confirmed to ABC11 that graffiti has been spotted along the greenways before, and it comes with a cost – $200 per cleanup.

A spokeswoman for the town said Public Works crews clean up about 20 graffiti displays on the greenways every year.

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