When little Olivia Enderle celebrated her eighth birthday on Sunday, she had plenty of cards to sort through. There were more than 2,000, by her mother’s count.

“We are very amazed by the response from this,” Emily Enderle told ABC. “It has been such an amazing output of love and generosity.”

The Mid-Michigan girl has been battling cancer most of her young life. At 13 months, she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, according to her YouCaring page. Last June she had a kidney transplant, after which she spent two months in the hospital, her mother told ABC.

“The mail I think helped make her feel loved,” Emily said of Olivia’s time in the hospital.

So when her birthday rolled around, she knew what to ask for to make Olivia’s day special.

About two weeks before the big day, her family posted on her Facebook page that Olivia wanted to try to get 100 cards for her birthday.

The community caught on, and soon Olivia was receiving hundreds of cards. The family received more than 2,000 cards, many of them handmade. Some even came from firefighters and police officers around the country.

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