Raleigh, N.C. — The NCAA is deciding this week where to hold upcoming championships, setting a hard deadline for the repeal of HB2 if North Carolina wants to stay in consideration.

In a statement Thursday, exactly one year to the day after the law was passed, the sports organization said its committees would begin picking championship sites for 2018-22 and would announce those decisions April 18. The statement also noted that “once the sites are selected by the committee, those decisions are final.”

The NCAA has indicated it will leave North Carolina out of the process if the state hasn’t changed a law that limits LGBT rights by that time.

On Tuesday, Scott Dupree, executive director of the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, said he believed the window for North Carolina was within hours of closing.

“I have confirmed with a contact very close to the NCAA that its deadline for HB2 is 48 hours from now,” Dupree said in a statement.

“If HB2 has not been resolved by that time, the NCAA will have no choice but to move forward without the North Carolina bids. The NCAA has already delayed the bid review process once and has waited as long as it possibly can, and now it must finalize all championship site selections through spring of 2022.

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