Myra Anderson had let her weight get the best of her. So much so, she had to see a doctor and and the doctor told her that she would have to have weight loss surgery.

“I kind of frowned at that idea, but I realized that I needed to make a concerted effort to lose my.”

She was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol and was on medication for both.

But instead of taking her doctor’s suggestion, she didn’t get the surgery, but instead started working out every day and start eating right.

Now, not only has Myra Anderson lost over 150 pounds, she also reversed her diabetes diagnosis and started a Christian fitness program that she leads at several local churches.

“I cut out fast food, sweets, white bread, white rice, and pasta,” explains Anderson. “I filled my fridge with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat that I broiled, baked, or grilled instead of fried. I started using portion control, prayed and meditated daily, got sufficient rest, practiced gratitude, and drank lots of water.”

“I also developed a strong network of (healthier) friends. Thank goodness I had a supportive exercise teacher walking beside me and encouraging me every step of the way.

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