RALEIGH (WTVD) — It seems to be everywhere. Pollen covers our driveways, fills our gutters, and blankets our cars.

North Carolinians are used to seeing the yellow powdery substance this time of year, and many of us are all too familiar with the major allergy symptoms from pollen. You could find yourself sneezing, having itchy eyes, feeling a runny nose, or coughing.

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Unfortunately, our warm winter means you probably felt the symptoms earlier than usual.

“This year, the pollen season started early, about a week before it typically does,” said Dr. Gurvinder Deogun, of Allergy Partners of Raleigh. “And then as the trees start pollinating, people who have nasal allergies or eye allergies or allergic asthma will start having their symptoms.”

She says people new to the area may feel worse allergy symptoms compared to their previous homes.

“It’s basically because we just have many more trees and the amount of pollen we see, even visibly can see, is higher than we see in most of the rest of the country,” Dr. Deogun said.

She said there are many ways to lessen the impacts of pollen allergies.

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