Vance County, N.C. — The Vance County Sheriff’s Office is looking for whoever is throwing rocks off of an overpass and smashing windshields. At least four cases have been reported in two days.

Deputies said the rocks are being thrown off of an overpass near Middleburg on Jacksontown Road.

All vehicles hit were tractor-trailers, and three of the cases happened overnight.

Jeff Boyer, a glass technician who replaced a windshield struck Sunday night, said it is lucky no one has been hurt.

“If it had been up on its edge, it would’ve went right through the glass,” Boyer said. “He said he was just going down the road at 11:30 or quarter to 12. And a big piece of road did that to the windshield.”

Boyer said the driver pulled into his repair shop in Chex Truck World right after it happened, but he was visibly shaken up.

“I feel he was lucky,” Boyer said. “Most of the time they blow through the glass and do a lot of damage. But, his evidently hit flat and just shattered the glass and didn’t go through. He just had glass all in the truck.”

Reports from the County Sheriff’s office show the same thing happened at least three more times within the next 24 hours.

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