Don’t get too excited about potentially owning some of Tupac’s personal items being sold through Moments in Time, because the estate of the West Coast legend’s mother is taking the memorabilia site to court over its sales, TMZ reports. After Tupac died in September of 1996, Afeni Shakur took control of his estate and now since her passing last year, her estate has control.

Moments in Time has listed Tupac’s passport, driver’s license, as well as handwritten lyrics for sale. Recently, the site listed a lyric sheet for “Dear Mama” going for $75,000. It’s even offering the BMW Tupac was fatally shot in to the highest bidder, although that item doesn’t seem to be part of the lawsuit.

Howard King, who has represented T.I. and Pharrell in the past, is handling the case for Afeni Shakur’s estate. Not only is Moments in Time listed as a defendant, but two of the owners of the items who the estate says didn’t have the rights to give Shakur’s property to the auction house are also being sued.

In September, Tupac’s estate attempted to block the sale of a “Catchin’ Feelings” lyric sheet, claiming it rightfully owned the property

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