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Few people can deny the appeal of beauty giant, Sephora. The store with the large black and white logo and a variety of just about every color shade, really makes many of us say “take my money” every time we step foot inside. Housing your favorite heavy-hitters like Dior, Benefit, and Make Up For Ever, behind the scenes Sephora is doing something great. They are creating a class for people experiencing visible effects of their cancer treatment.

Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer is Sephora’s first-ever class launched that focuses on solutions for those whose skin and hair have been affected by their cancer diagnosis.

It is part of the retailer’s Classes for Confidence program, which provides complimentary workshops geared toward teaching basic makeup tips to build confidence in people who are in the midst of major life transitions.

In the Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer classes, attendees will learn techniques that address the physical changes that come with cancer treatments—like filling in sparse eyebrows and giving skin a healthy glow. The classes aren’t all about focusing on what’s happening on the outside. Participants will also find community by connecting with others who are going through similar circumstances.

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