Cary, N.C. — The Wake County school board on Tuesday discussed offering raises for bus drivers as the superintendent prepares to deliver his proposed budget for the 2017-2018 school year.

School leaders said it is becoming more difficult to retain bus drivers for the 70,000 riders expected for the upcoming school year. The potential solution is a one-time retention bonus of $750 in June.

District leaders are also continuing the discussion on a proposal that would change the academic calendars at eight schools.

The proposal would move six year-round schools to the traditional school calendar, meaning students would be in school for nine months and have summers off. Two other year-round schools would be changed to multi-track, which alternates students on vacation and in school.

The school district says many year-round schools are under-enrolled, and many traditional schools are overcrowded. Some parents, though, say both they and their kids like the year-round calendar because it keeps more kids focused.

The idea, which has been met with mixed reviews by parents, was discussed at a meeting last month, but the issue was reverted back to committee for further discussion and a vote on the matter was postponed.

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