Statesville, N.C. — Six hospital workers in North Carolina were treated after they accidentally ate desserts laced with marijuana last month.

Six employees at Davis Regional Medical Center in Statesville had to be treated in the emergency room where they usually work after eating cookies and muffins laced with marijuana.

“These days and times, nothing hardly surprises me anymore,” said resident William Revell.

Police said they were called to the hospital on March 19 to investigate. They learned a worker brought in cookies and muffins that a family member baked and had left in the kitchen.

The worker told police they didn’t know there was THC oil in the baked goods.

“I think that they probably did know and I’m just hoping they weren’t treating any patients after they consumed those cookies,” said resident Candy Feimester.

The hospital released a statement that reads, in part, “We are committed to providing patients with safe care and appreciate the timely action of our director to manage the situation.”

Statesville police turned over the findings in their investigation to the District Attorney’s Office. Police said no charged were filed against the employee or the family member because the person who baked the cookies were not in possession of any drugs when they were questioned.

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