DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) — Imagine getting harassing phone calls threatening jail time. For Cheryl Pearley, it’s become a reality.

Debt collectors continue to call her leaving voicemails that she needs to pay up or a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

LISTEN: Debt collector leaves threatening voicemail

Cheryl says she’s received several of these voicemails, all from different numbers and all threatening to take action.

“A warrant is being issued out in your name and social security. You have 24 hours to call me otherwise a deposition warrant will be issued out. Uniformed officials will then be sent to pick you up on the charges and allegations stemming from this,” one voicemail stated.

Cheryl insists she doesn’t owe any money. She admits she did take out a loan from an online company a few years ago, but she paid it off in 2015. She even has a letter from the debt collector stating the debt is paid off and, “No further money will be due in this matter.”

But, that hasn’t stopped the collection calls.

“They said I owe them that money and I don’t,” Cheryl said.

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