New York, NY – Battle rap is bracing itself for the seventh annual installment in the Ultimate Rap League’s Night Of Main Events, going down Saturday (April 8).

This year, demand for tickets has been so high that the league has broken with tradition and decided that the event will be available to stream on pay-per-view, having sold out New York’s 1,000 person-capacity Irving Plaza several weeks in advance.

Why is NOME 7 generating such hype this year? Let’s a take a look at the card and find out.


The main event of main events, literally. As far as history in battle rap, these two contenders have more than most other possible pairings. T-Rex and K-Shine were Dot Mobb partners for roughly a decade, backing each other up both inside and outside of the ring.

But after some tension that ultimately led to Shine’s departure from the crew, the two will settle their differences on the stage. T-Rex’s reputation as a legend and a vet stretches back further than Shine’s, but in recent years Shine has held his own with the heavyweights as T-Rex has lost the previous consistency

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