Raleigh, N.C. — Don’t let chilly temperatures fool you Sunday morning. According to WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss, the day will warm quickly, and temperatures in the 70s will set in for the week.

By noon, temperatures in Raleigh should be close to 70 degrees, approaching the day’s mid-70s high. That’s a stark contrast from cold overnight temperatures, when frost advisories were issued for some northwestern counties.

“High pressure moving right over the area today should bring blue skies and sunshine our way,” said Moss. “[The] warm-up [will be big] compared to yesterday. We had a high of 67 then, but should reverse those digits this afternoon.”

Temperatures will peak around 4 p.m., said Moss, and they’ll linger in the 50s overnight before warming up even more for Monday.

Weather in the area should be ideal for the week ahead, with bright, sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70s expected through the weekend. Rain is not expected to be a factor.

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