By Laura Leslie

Raleigh, N.C. — A proposal to crack down on local governments over immigration led to raised tempers and voices Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee before being approved on a party-line vote.

Senate Bill 145 would withhold state funding from cities or counties that adopt a so-called “sanctuary” policy or ordinance regarding undocumented immigrants in any respect. It would open up an anonymous complaint process for any citizen with a “good faith” belief that a local government is not following immigration laws. The Attorney General’s Office would then be required to follow up and investigate within 45 days.

Any local government with a sanctuary policy could be sued by anyone who was injured by the actions of an undocumented immigrant.

The measure would also ban University of North Carolina campuses from implementing any policy limiting federal immigration law enforcement, stopping law enforcement officers from gathering information about a person’s immigration status or prohibiting that information from being passed on to federal agents. Violation of the law would lead to constraints on the school’s spending authority.

It would also repeal a current law that allows law enforcement officers to recognize otherwise banned forms of identification, such as consular or community IDs, for the purposes of their work.

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