When Kendrick Lamar shared the cover art for his highly-anticipated album DAMN. this week, it caused a flurry of confusion because it didn’t quite fit the mold of what consumers are used to seeing as “quality” cover art.

That was the absolute intention of one of the creators, Vlad Sepetov. He set to go against the grain of what his teachers taught him. “i wanted to make something loud and abrasive,” he explained in a series of tweets on Tuesday (April 11).

already seeing a lot of discussion about the cover. and i’m really excited about it. it’s interesting to see people talk about “bad” design.

— Vlad Sepetov (@VSepetov) April 11, 2017

and maybe some won’t see that, but i’m glad that dave and dot saw the value in making something that didn’t fit the mold.

— Vlad Sepetov (@VSepetov) April 11, 2017

Sepetov has a lot to be proud about. He was one of the creative minds behind the artwork of Kendrick’s last album, To Pimp A Butterfly, which was set in a time where the black revolution saw a West Coast-style turn up on the White House lawn. The depiction set against a

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