This story originally appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

With all the birthday party one-upmanship going on these days, it’s so nice to see one mom just let it all go to crap. In a good way.

Rebecca, mom of 3-year-old Audrey, has always thrown creative birthday parties for her little girl. In fact, Audrey’s first birthday party was a Beatles theme. “When she was cranky, my husband would always play them for her and she would instantly be happy,” Rebecca tells Babble.

For her second birthday party at a pumpkin patch, Rebecca admits she “went a little crazy,” wanting every detail to be perfect. “I seriously almost cried that the tablecloths they had didn’t match the decorations I had brought. So ridiculous! Audrey could have cared less, so I should have too.”

Needless to say, when Audrey turned three in October, the pressure was on once again. But that’s when Audrey dropped a bomb – she wanted the theme to be poop.

Yup. Poop.

Image source: Rebecca M

“Like any kid, she wanted a birthday about something she likes. She just happens to really, really like poop. I don’t think it ever even occurred to her that it was a strange request.

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