FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) — In an exclusive interview with ABC11, a veteran said he was nearly killed after being attacked by vicious dogs terrorizing his historic Fayetteville neighborhood.

Retired Lt. Colonel Jim Kerchmar suffered bite marks all over his body. Although he is now home and recovering, he told ABC11 the attack was one of the most horrifying experiences in his life.

Sunday was a normal day for Kerchmar. He was walking around his yard in the Haymount neighborhood when two dogs, Jazzy and Nora, came running up to him.

At first, the dogs appeared friendly. Then, the dogs’ behavior shifted.

The two started growling and Jazzy, a Labrador-Beagle mix, began to attack. Jazzy pinned Kerchmar to the ground and he struggled to escape.

Armed only with a coffee cup, Kerchmar was able to break free. He noticed a trail of blood leading to his front door so he called for help.

“I very much thought I was going to die,” Kerchmar recalled. “I was bleeding profusely, as a matter of fact, I screamed at my wife ‘Get a gun!'”

Moments later, Kerchmar and his wife, Beth, rushed to their car to drive to the hospital.

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