By Evan Matsumoto

Oak City Fish & Chips is making a big move.

To Los Angeles.

The food truck that got its start around Raleigh and Durham is taking its deep-fried seafood to the West Coast. The truck will keep its Raleigh-themed name, too, which presents a question: Do Californians know what the Oak City is?

“Not yet, but we’ll be introducing it to them,” one of the truck’s owners, Isaac Horton, told the 919 Beer Podcast. “We hope that they will enjoy our Southern flavor out there.”

Horton has three trucks in the Triangle, one of which is planted near the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh. The new truck, though, will join roughly 10,000 other trucks in L.A.

The numbers are daunting, but Horton has done his homework: He said 85 percent of the trucks in L.A. are taco trucks and another 10 percent are Korean barbecue.

Horton said there are only two other trucks doing seafood, but the Oak City will still have to work its way in.

“We’re going to have to establish a brand, we’re going to be starting out from scratch,” Horton said.

But Horton knows fried seafood is a common language.

“We are pretty confident that people will be interested in fried food,” Horton said.

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