This week, NBA star Carmelo Anthony and his wife, LaLa Anthony announced that they were separating. There have been a number of rumors surrounding why the couple decided to split. One rumor stated that his uncertainty with the NBA and moving around to find the right team has taken a toll on the marriage. Another rumor was that Anthony got another woman pregnant. No rumor or reason for separation is ever easy and we wish them the best.

But this split bring up a good question, can separation be good for a marriage? Can time apart really bring people back together?

In a legal separation, the parties are still married, versus a divorce where the marriage is ended. A legal separation is a court order that mandates the rights and duties of a couple while they are still married, but living apart.

There are three main reasons why couples separate

1. A step in the divorce process
2. To to gain perspective on the marriage
3. To enhance the marriage

According to Psychology Today, here are four ways that you can have an enhanced or positive separation and come out on the other side with a better, stronger marriage:

I. Get Third-Party Support.

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