RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) — A jury scam is making the rounds once again, and this time it cost one Raleigh woman more than $500 bucks.

Like many others, Joedy Black got an unexpected call about missing jury duty. The scammer told Black that she would be locked up because she didn’t serve her juror summons.

“It was a misdemeanor offense and this guy sounded really official, and I was scared to death,” Black explained.

Black listened carefully as the caller, who claimed he was with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department, said she’d be arrested if she didn’t pay up.

The man said her bond would be almost $1,500 and that sent Black into an instant panic.

Without thinking twice, Black scrambled to get as much money she could. She got $500 and was instructed to load the money onto a prepaid debit card. Once she got the card, she read the numbers on the back of the card to the scammer.

“They had police scanners in the background, so it sounded like they were at the police station or the Wake County Sheriff’s Office waiting to come arrest me if I didn’t do what they told me to do,” she said.

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