FARMINGDALE, Long Island — Five-year-old Cassidy McCarthy has had more contact with doctors than many people do in a lifetime as she’s undergoing treatment for stage four kidney cancer.

Her father, Dan McCarthy, has been taking time off of work as a nurse to help his daughter after her diagnosis.

But he’s now out of work after he was fired from his job, which he claims is due to the time missed caring for Cassidy as she battles cancer.

“I think that they’re running it as a business, not as compassionate care,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy knows all about compassionate care, a healthcare professional himself as a volunteer Babylon firefighter and EMT.

He also became a registered nurse at Daleview Care Center in Farmingdale, where after his bosses’ nomination last year, he was named New York State “Nurse of the Year.”

But that was before they suddenly trumped up an insubordination case against him.

“They won’t promote you twice, they won’t give you pay raises, they won’t give you ‘Nurse of the Year,'” McCarthy said. “What can happen in six months to warrant me getting fired? The only thing that changed is my daughter gets cancer.

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