Earlier Tuesday morning (April 25), Xzibit made the announcement that his dad had passed.

“This morning, my father passed away,” he wrote on Instagram. “I am in tears and my heart is heavy. I don’t have the words right now. Dad you are my hero. Thank you for everything you taught me, how you raised me, how you challenged me, how you loved your family. This is tough. I love you Dad. #semperfi”

In March, X to the Z revealed through the social media site that his father was suffering from an unidentified illness and hadn’t eaten at that point in 10 days.

Wrapped last night at 4am from @empirefox, hopped on the first thing smoking, to get to my father. The doctor came in and said he’s stable, but hasn’t had anything to eat in 10 days. Hopefully I can get his spirits up and get him to eat something. I’m just glad I made it here. #familyfirst

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He later hit social media to show appreciation for fans reaching out in support.

Despite slowing down on the music front with his

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