RALEIGH (WTVD) — Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman says an investigation into the August 29, 2016 shooting of 24-year-old Jaqwan Julius Terry has found the shooting was justified.


Raleigh Police Officer B.F. Burleson went to a home on Donald Ross Drive near the Raleigh Country Club after a woman called to say Terry – her former boyfriend – had come to the home, showed her a gun, and threatened her.

While Burleson was taking a report, the women in the home pointed out Terry who was walking by. Burleson asked Terry to stop and talk, but investigators say Terry ran “with one hand against his belly or waistband as if holding something at his waist.”

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Burleson ran after him, and that’s when Officer B.S. Beausoleil arrived on the scene and saw what was happening.

As Terry ran behind a house with Burleson in pursuit, Beausoleil went around the other side to try and cut him off.

Terry tried to get over a fence and Burleson caught up to him. The men struggled and a gun fell to the ground.

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