WAKE COUNTY, North Carolina — With the nice weather comes local moms asking where they can take their children with special needs to play. Well, there’s an amazing park in Wake County specially designed for these children.

Laurel Hills Park is located at Edwards Mill Drive and Glen Eden Drive. But when every step is a challenge, the idea of playing on a playground can seem unattainable.

For children like Danielle and Dionne, who both have special needs, flying through the air on a zip line might never happen- unless they come to Raleigh’s Sassafras Park in Laurel Hills Park!

One zip line has a modified seat for children that need assistance, and one is designed for children who don’t need assistance. The two can then play side-by-side.

Danielle and Dionne are both 15-years-old. Their mothers and other mothers started raising money for the park when the girls were only 7.

“We had professionals, professors who study play,” said Deanna Choplin. “Then, we had people who make the equipment, give their input, and the therapists, and the doctors. So all of these ideas came together.”

With that collective effort, Sassafras “All Children’s” Playground was born.

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