TDE wordsmith Ab-Soul barely gave fans enough time to cope with their disappointment over Kendrick Lamar’s nonexistent surprise album before riling fans up all over again with talk of a “secret album.”

In a tweet sent Tuesday (May 2), Soulo casually revealed that Top Dawg has a “secret album in the vault.” The tweet ended with an “Lol,” so it’s unclear if the rapper was revealing top secret intel or was merely trolling the Twittersphere.

Word on the street is @dangerookipawaa gotta secret album in the vault… Lol

— Ab-Soul (@abdashsoul) May 2, 2017

Unsurprisingly, Top Dawg has remained absolutely silent on any chatter of a secret album.

Given that Ab-Soul has called out his label on Twitter before out of frustration stemming from album delays, the tweet could be pure trollery.

On the contrary, as of recently, albums from TDE have dropped rather swiftly and secretly. The release of Kendrick’s DAMN. album was hinted at on “The Heart Part 4” and dropped mere weeks after the song was released.

Additionally, Top Dawg’s “vault” could be filled with long-awaited projects, including a joint Black Hippy album.

A project worthy of breaking the internet twice,

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