This story originally appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

I am, admittedly, pretty terrible at taking selfies; which is why during the final stretch of my last pregnancy, I had my husband take some sweet shots of my huge belly, so we could remember the miracle of what a woman’s body goes through in order to bring life into the world. But had I known that there’s a pair of photographers taking unbelievably amazing maternity photos of women dressed as Disney princesses … well, let’s just say I would have hauled my giant self to the Deep South to make sure I got in on this action.

Vic and Marie Luna, a married couple who run a photography business together in Houston, Texas, recently shared a series of breathtaking images they captured of five expecting mothers at Newman’s Castle – where they summoned some serious Disney magic and created gorgeous memories for each of the mothers.

Vic and Marie Photography

“It was so much fun!” Marie tells Babble. “I literally felt like I was hanging with royalty when I saw them for the first time in the gowns and in hair and makeup! They looked incredibly amazing!”

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