(Photo credit: Culture Map Austin)

A mother is lucky to get one genius in a son or daughter, but for Claretta Kimp, she got two in both of her young sons. And that’s not all, her two geniuses are graduating this Mother’s Day weekend–what a Mother’s Day present!

They are both graduating from high school and college this weekend at ages 11 and 14, respectively. Carson Huey-You, her oldest, is leaving Texas Christian University with a degree in physics and minors in Chinese and math. Cannan, the kid brother, will head to TCU next fall to study astrophysics and engineering. The first wants to get a PhD, the other wants to be an astronaut.

According to Carson’s mother, one of the first indications of her son’s ability to stay focused came during a visit to the eye doctor, who commented on Carson’s ability to pay attention instead of squirming and trying to escape like most other babies. By age 2, Carson was reading chapter books. By age 3, he could add, subtract, multiply and divide.

When most kids his age were entering kindergarten, Carson was working at an eighth-grade level and Cannan wasn’t far behind.

But they’re not just smart. They’re not your typical child prodigy’s who only think about school and calculations all the time.

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