BROOKLYN – Much has changed about the NBA Lottery over the years. The famous ping pong balls are now gone. The cast of NBA front office executives, and even the commissioner of the NBA itself, has changed. The event itself, once just a gathering of league execs, has become must-see TV.

One thing, however, has remained constant through the evolution of the NBA Lottery: more often than any other school, Duke has seen its players walk across the stage on draft night as NBA lottery picks.

Since the inception of the NBA Lottery in 1985, Duke has produced a record 21 lottery selections. The fact becomes even more impressive when considering that the rest of the field had a four-year head start on the Blue Devils before Danny Ferry became the school’s first lottery pick in 1989.

Starting with an historic 1999 NBA Draft in which Duke had three lottery picks and became the first program to produce four first-round picks in the same draft, the Blue Devils have produced a nation’s-best 16 lottery selections.

Most Total Lottery Picks, All Time
Through 2016 Draft

Duke – 21
Kentucky – 19
North Carolina – 18
Kansas – 16
Arizona – 13

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