New York, NY – Younger artists and fans may be more forgiving of ghostwriting in Hip Hop, but it is still viewed as a cardinal sin by the OGs of the game. During an appearance on Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning, the legendary Kool G Rap declared that no rapper who uses ghostwriters could be in the discussion of Hip Hop’s best MCs.

“You can’t have ghostwriters and claim to be top five or top 10,” Kool G Rap said. “You claim none of that. You’re completely out of the game ’cause you’re not creating your own material. The top fives, the top 10’s, the top anything is reserved for the cats that put in 100 percent of that work: writing, thinking of those punchlines, playing with the words, being a real wordsmith. That credit goes to those dudes that put in that work for that, not nobody that gets it done for them.”

Kool G Rap, who penned rhymes for Roxanne Shante and Salt-N-Pepa, also explained why he cannot champion any rapper who needs the assistance of a ghostwriter. The Kool Genius of Rap said he has a high standard to uphold.

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