By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

In case expecting parents need one more thing to worry about, here’s something for the list: Will you actually bring the right baby home?

The answer for the vast majority of new moms: Yes.

Sure, there are switched at birth stories from decades ago. In one, a mom actually knew she brought home the wrong baby, but her husband told her to ignore it, not wanting to embarrass the doctor.

And, then, there is this story in The Washington Post from just last year. In it, a new mom recounts what happened after she learned her newborn was accidently – but briefly – given to another mother while still in the hospital.

“Conclusion: It happens,” wrote Karin Tanabe, an author, freelance writer and the mother of the baby given to the wrong mother. “But seems so preventable. Because I’m pretty sure we have the right baby, but when she screams bloody murder at 2 a.m., I do still wonder.”

A story last week shared eight ways parents can avoid getting the wrong baby accidentally at the hospital. Tips include taking a photo of the baby, which shouldn’t be a problem for just about any new parent.

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