Behind the smiles, nice clothes, fancy job title and the seemingly got-it-all-together appearance, many Black women are barely holding on. We are dying on the inside, a sad reality Lisa Brown Alexander brings to light in her book Strong On the Outside, Dying On the Inside (Xulon Press). Brown Alexander, author and CEO of NonprofitHR, delves deep into the silent shame many Black women carry; a silence that echoed in her own life.

“I am a successful career woman who has battled with depression for five years. It was time to speak out openly about my struggle and share my healing journey with all women, particularly black women,” said Brown Alexander.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research reflects that only 15% of affected women seek help and treatment. “Many African American women do not get treatment because of a widespread belief that depression is evidence of personal weakness and not a legitimate health problem,” stated Brown Alexander.

Her book, Strong On the Outside, Dying On the Inside, can be used as a resource and call to action for healing and combating the stigma of depression, which many Black women view as a lonely and debilitating disease.

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