FALLS LAKE, North Carolina (WTVD) — Here’s something you may not think about: Falls Lake is basically the Neuse River with a plug in it. That plug is the Falls Lake Dam.

On the heels of Hurricane Matthew and the drenching that followed in April, the I-Team decided to check on the dam, see who’s in charge, and how it’s doing. In the process, we found that the main mechanism they have for keeping the dam intact is the very thing that regularly floods communities downstream.

The government built the dam in the early 1980s and has been maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers ever since. Megan Garrett runs the safety program at the dam and says it’s never had any major issues or reason to put into play the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Megan Garret speaks with Jon Camp about the Falls Lake Dam

Garrett walked us through the steps they take to make sure the dam is intact, from GPS markers to water pressure gauges to regular basic visual inspections. She says there’s been no degradation or slippage of the dam in it’s more than three decades of use.

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