Houston, TX – Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty have inadvertently become the poster boys for all that’s wrong with Hip Hop. But for the legions of listeners who love them, the criticism seems like blind hate. Despite veterans such as 9th Wonder defending them in the past, the attacks continue to pour in on a daily basis. One man who is clearly sick of the constant bashing is R&B singer Tank.

Tank, who has collaborated with everyone from Busta Rhymes to Wale, spoke out against the hate on Friday (May 19) via Instagram. The rant was targeted at black men criticizing the two rappers for being different. He also compares them to innovative artists like Prince and Michael Jackson.

“I’m utterly disgusted!!” he wrote. “I’ve never seen so many grown black men speak out against young black kids fighting to earn a living in this already difficult world! Yes they’re different but so was MJ and Prince! Y’all still celebrate those men highly with no thought to their differences. The crazy part is that these kids actually represent positivity. They give a voice to those who feel like outcasts and may even have a hard

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