Raleigh, N.C. — Central North Carolina will get another warm day on Friday ahead of a chance of thunderstorms in the evening and over the weekend.

Most of the day Friday will be warm and dry. As dinner time comes, though, the chance of rain in northern North Carolina counties will increase as a front moves in.

“We have a front that’s up to the north, and that front will start to swing down into Virginia,” said WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner. “That will help to bring us a chance of some scattered thunderstorms later today.”

Temperatures around Raleigh will reach 90 degrees in the afternoon. That heat will help fire up some storms.

“By 4 (p.m.) some scattered storms develop, especially from Raleigh northward,” Gardner said. “(They) begin to dissipate when we lose some of our daytime heating.”

Weekend forecast shows rain, thunderstorms

The heat abates some over the weekend as the chance for more rain lingers. Saturday will see temperatures in the mid-80s, and it drops lower on Sunday to about 81 degrees.

“Saturday, that front slips a little father southward,” Gardner said. “So far, Futurecast has the first part of the day nice and dry, but in the afternoon, those thunderstorms begin to sneak down from up north.

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