The family of the Rolesville High School football player who died from a head injury is suing the Wake County school system and members of the athletic staff.

In their lawsuit, Isaiah Langston’s family claims the school system was negligent for not getting the teenager medical help after he suffered a head injury at a football practice.

In September of 2014, Langston collapsed during a warmup before a Friday night game against Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School and was rushed to the hospital, where he died from his head injury.

Family of Rolesville High School player who died from head injury sues Wake County Schools

His family members sued the Wake County School System, claiming they are responsible for the 17-year-old’s death.

Before he died, the lawsuit alleges Langston was “involved in a collision” with another player and “suffered one or more concussions.”

The suit claims his parents were never told about the injuries. His parents say Langston “was never cleared to return to play by any medical physician” and “complained of headaches and pain to the back of his head.”

Lawsuit filed by Langston family

Court papers accuse Rolesville High employees of failing to use reasonable care over their players and failure to recognize a life-threatening medical condition and give treatment.

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